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Contact the expert plumbing specialists at Top Plumber Pros today for all your plumbing needs. We’re known across Glendale, CA for our speedy response time and unbeatable service to citizens of Glendale and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Have leaking, frozen or broken pipes? Top Plumber Pros can help. Our specialists have been serving Glendale pipes for more than 20 years. With our knowledge, you can rest assured our plumbing professionals can return your home or office plumbing to proper working order in no time. We’ll come to any location in Glendale, CA and offer the best, most affordable plumbing services possible.

If you’re having plumbing concerns, one of our commercial plumber Glendale, CA specialists can come to your home or office in Glendale in just an hour or less. Our commercial plumber Glendale, CA is unrivaled in the Glendale area, and we strive to get your residence back to normal as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Plus, you can contact our plumbing pros 24 hours a day, 7 days a week– even on holidays and weekends– and we’ll have a technician to your residence or property without delay.

A broken or frozen pipe can cause more damage as more time passes, so don’t put if off. Hire one of the experienced plumbers at Top Plumber Pros as soon as possible. We’ll take care of your problem quickly and efficiently, and we’ll make sure no further damage is done to your property. We even offer a full guarantee on all work we do for you.

In addition to taking care of your pipe problems, Top Plumber Pros can also manage water damage restoration throughout the Glendale, CA metropolitan area. If you have standing water or a leaky drain in your house, call us right away. It could leads to structural damage, mold and other potential problems. Our experts will be at your location within the hour to take care of any damage that may have occurred. Our water extraction procedures are the best in the area, regardless of the size of the job. Call us right away at (818) 691-5052.

Top Plumber Pros also provides:

- Urgent Service.

- Drain Cleaning & Repair.

- Remodels and Re-pipes.

- Blocked Drains.

- Water Jetting.

- Leak Detection.

- Camera Line Inspection.

- Drain Care Programs.

- Grease Trap & Liquid Waste Pumping/Hauling.

- Backflow Protection.

- Sewer Line Replacement.

- Septic Repair.

- Sump Pumps.

- Water Heater Repair/Installation.

- Winterization.

- Gas Line and Pipe.

- Ice Maker/Refrigeration Lines.

- Water Softeners.

- All Types Of Plumbing Repairs!

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